Jâca is pleased to announce the formation of our new cultural exchange program. With JCEP we aim to promote “Music with Meaning” by celebrating our differences and making a positive impact on the world. We use our position as touring musicians to connect cultural communities worldwide and to give back to the communities we perform in. JCEP’s goal is to share culture from one locale to the next and to support underserved musical communities worldwide by donating 100% of profits from all JCEP sales.

To do this, each year Jâca will spotlight a JCEP beneficiary somewhere in the world. As we tour different locations, we will acquire cultural commodities from each region we visit. These items will be for sale at our next locations, with 100% of profits going to the JCEP beneficiary. We’re really excited about JCEP! Not only are we going to financially help groups and individuals in need, but we will be helping tell peoples’ stories and promoting understanding between cultures. This is something we believe is critical in our world today. Help us reach our goals this year!

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