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Breakthrough CD
  • Breakthrough CD

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    The uncommon pairing of clarinet and guitar has a historically limited selection of repertoire available. With little more than a few standard arrangements of flute/guitar classics and a stylistically narrow selection of new compositions, performers and listeners alike are left wanting more. Jâca’s debut album BREAKTHROUGH pushes past these limitations using exceptional creativity, imagination, and a clean slate approach as the duo adds original compositions and exclusive arrangements to the repertoire.

    The album shatters listeners’ perceptions and expectations as an original and eclectic collection of classical and world music fused together in a way that showcases not only the versatility of the instruments but of the players themselves. It contains a cohesive potpourri of cultural flavors that reflect the experience and cultural and musical heritage of the artists. Influences include folk traditions from Spain, Portugal, France, Appalachia, and also includes the use of extended techniques developed by Jâca exclusively for the music in the album. These pieces have evolved and been curated over many years of touring by Jâca. They are audience favorites.


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