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In addition to concert performances, Jâca offers a variety of expertly-designed residency programs that benefit the communities they visit.

Having both achieved the highest-level degree in music, Doctor of Musical Arts, Ferreira and Williams are music educators who understand and value the power and the effect that in-person musical experiences provide to people of all ages. 

School Concert/Demo – 30-min to 1-hr performance at any K-12 school. Performance showcases music from folk traditions around the world. Students will not only enjoy hearing the music, but they will also learn about those traditions and get a chance to get involved with Jâca’s performance in simple ways. Tailored to the levels, ages, and attention spans of audience. With accompanied Study Guide to help teachers prepare.

Jam with Jâca – Great for community events or in schools, this activity lets attendees join Jâca in a participatory music-making experience! After a brief presentation/workshop, attendees will learn easy ways to improvise along with Jâca for different “jam sessions” from music traditions around the world! If applicable, attendees can even bring their own instruments. Styles include: Spanish Flamenco, trad. Colombian, Appalachian music, and more!

Hospital Visits (kids or adults) – Jâca will visit a hospital or care facility in the community and offer a group performance or individual visits.


Lectures / Webinars

“Cultural Appreciation in Classical Music” – Jâca discusses the importance of recognizing influences and contributions of cultures and musics around the world in a Western European Classical music context. This lecture includes discussion of some historically important Classical music composers and how they were influenced by musics around the world, contemporary composers who are taking a multicultural approach to classical music, and the performer’s role in respectfully approaching the music of many cultures.

“The ‘Why’ in Music” – Jâca discusses the importance of adding meaning to music and using it as a tool for social change in various capacities and shares their experience discovering a deeper level of meaning behind the music they perform, including topics of promoting multiculturalism and cultural exchange.

“Launching a Career in Classical Music” – Many classical musicians spend so much time in the practice room that they find themselves unprepared for the real world when they finish their schooling. Jâca discusses the many different options and paths to success for musicians in an increasingly competitive and changing world.

Higher Education 

Masterclasses – Traditional masterclass for guitarists and/or clarinetists of all levels. 

Chamber Ensemble Coaching – Coaching of any ensemble of any instrumentation on the fundamentals of chamber music playing in a private or masterclass setting.

Composition Seminar – As part of a University Residency, Jâca offers a hands-on experience with composition students, complete with pre-visit video consultations and an in-class read-through and feedback session with student composers’ works. Guitar, clarinet, or guitar/clarinet duos welcome.

Lectures – See Lectures section.

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