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Internship Program

Internship Program

The Jâca Music Internship Program offers college students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain experience working in the world of arts management and chamber music entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector. Interns become a part of the team, and Jâca takes the mentorship of individuals seriously. During each 15-week internship period, Jaxon and Wesley work closely with interns to maximize learning opportunities and to ensure active engagement from week to week.

Training and internship responsibilities may include:

- fulfilling duties that a booking agent of management would engage in, including collecting, generating, and contacting leads

- promotion of a Jâca program and/or concert 

- developing outreach skills with the press
- coordinating on-stage programs and residencies 
- running social media and marketing 


Skills gained: 

- broad understanding of the booking conference sector

- promotion of concert and/or ensemble 

- effectively working with news and press outlets

- developing relationships with your artists 
- marketing strategies 

- developing research skills

- entrepreneurial and "out-of-the-box" thinking

- excellent communicating skills

- developing self-guidance and problem solving skills


The Jâca Music Internship Program is a remote program lasting 15 weeks. There are two internship periods from which to choose (January - May and August - December). Start dates are flexible but typically align with college semester schedules. 10 hours per week is the expectation with the understanding that there is flexibility from week to week. Interns meet with Jaxon and Wesley each week remotely at a mutually convenient time. This internship is an unpaid opportunity. 

Course Credit: 

Many of Jâca's interns have received college credit for their work through Colorado State University's Arts Management degree program. Jâca is happy to work with any college student to facilitate credit for their internship experience by way of an academic institution or other entity. Note: course credit is not required to be an intern. 


Interested applicants should contact us to express their interest. Jâca Music will request a resume and cover letter and will arrange for an interview.  

Previous Interns


“Being an intern for Jâca was an amazing and one of a kind experience. Wesley and Jaxon are incredible musicians and professionals and I learned so much about their organization and their artistry as it relates to arts administration. Every task and assignment I was given propelled me to dig deeper into the world of arts management and learn about an aspect of the field that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. They aided me to work better in my strengths while challenging me in areas that helped build and develop new skills to be successful beyond my internship. I am truly grateful for my experience as their intern and now have a new found confidence in myself as a future arts leader.”


Jazmin Cole (Spring 2023)
- Graduate of the master's degree in arts management from Colorado State University


“I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Jâca. I felt, from the very beginning, that Wesley and Jaxon were in my corner. They expressed many times that they wanted me to gain as much knowledge as I could from this experience. My goals were to learn about as many different facets of music management as possible, but also be useful! We worked together to find assignments and tasks that utilized my skills in the most impactful way. Jâca’s members are both educators, so I can see a reflection of that background in how they interacted with people. They were always warm and welcoming. Collaboration is part of their belief system, and it was apparent in the way they approached my internship.”



Jenny Willis (Spring 2022)
- Graduate of the master's degree in arts management from Colorado State University

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 7.26.52 PM.png

“My experience with Jâca was absolutely wonderful and such a great learning experience as well. This was my first time as an intern and it was absolutely the best. Wesley and Jaxon are very welcoming and supportive and that was encouraging especially with learning new skills. I also am a musician and I got to learn and be exposed to some aspects of the field I had not known about before or did not have much insight on. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jâca, it is an experience I will always carry with me.”


Robin Lander (Spring 2022) 
- Graduate of the master's degree in arts management from Colorado State University


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience interning for Jâca! Dr. Ferreira and Dr. Williams are such kind, talented, and intelligent individuals. They pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best ways possible, and I have learned and grown so much this semester. The tasks they assigned me gave me practical skills that I will undoubtedly use in my career one day. I am so thankful that I had the privilege of working with them."


Rachel Phillips (Fall 2021)
- Graduate of the m
aster's degree in arts management from Colorado State University


“I really like the positive work environment that you provided. Seeing how engaged and motivated you both were inspired me to be engaged and stay motivated with my work.”


Zach Franklin (Spring 2021)
- Graduate of the master's degree in arts management from Colorado State University

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 7.53.06 PM.png

"Working as an intern for Jâca was incredibly eye opening to the world of chamber music and entrepreneurship. This duo is a unique group that has the ability to perform on a large scale while also getting down to the nitty gritty of cultural education and creativity within chamber music.

This internship taught me a lot about the work it takes to run a successful performing group and has led me to the work I am doing today!"


Solara Martin (Fall 2020)
- Graduate of the master's degree in arts management from Colorado State University

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